Sheila Ewerth

individual, ENTITY.2852
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2008
Artist Biography:
Photographer (Digital Prints) Artist Statement: From Untitled #3 and Untitled #5 “In each of our lives we have the sides of ourselves that we show the world and the sides that we don’t show the world. Through my work I was hoping to show that people have more than the side that is shown on a daily basis. I have placed people in situations they normally encounter in their everyday lives but wearing the clothes or gear of activities they would rather be doing. They are doing activities they have to be done but wearing the costume of the activity that they would rather be doing. Through these images I hope that viewers find out something about the subject and also find some humor in the odd scene that is played out before them in the image.” -Sheila Ewerth