Sarah Marentette

Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: "Photographs are another gift we can give our children. Images have a way of preserving memories. My husband recently was shown some pictures of his grandparents. This is significant because they died when his father was 4 years old. These pictures had never even been seen by his father. The GIFT that these images provided was part of a lifetime of missing memories. "My love for photography, after years of testing on my own children, has driven me to take photos for other people. At this time I have been taking pictures professionally for almost nine years. I now have hundreds of children's smiles in my mind and in print. My hope is to continue to create a memory for you and others to cherish for their lifetimes to come. "Because we live in a world filled with unnecessary material gifts, I strive as a parent to provide my children with gifts such as photos. I hope you will choose to join me in the pursuit of this goal."

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