Scott Travis

individual, ENTITY.2842
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2007
Artist Biography:
Scott Travis' imagery is a combination of human, animal,and plant forms; all drawn from memory rather than from any references. It is a means of drawing from the inherent perception and memory of these things. The result is somewhat surreal, without the Freudian hang-ups, and reminiscent of the completely immersed illustrations of the 1970’s, without the halucinatory hang-ups. The work itself is meditative for the artist, evidenced by meticulous line work and hatched texture in his dreamy depictions. His major influences are the writings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, with their heavy emphasis on collective unconsciousness and myths that cross time and cultural boundaries. These ideas have Scott seeking out archetypes and ubiquitous human experiences through his work.