Dan Kiacz

Life Dates:
1948 – 2000
Artist Biography:
My images come from my home, the Southwest. They are a combination of the work seen through the eyes of a child and the harmony we seek throughout our lives. Through the use of color and texture, humor and seriousness, I seek to convey the sense of harmony, joy and wonderment that is lost in most of us between childhood and becoming an adult. Yet we seek these “child’s eyes” for all our lives- to be whole again, to deal with the moment, to find joy in all. Animals both tame and wild are the images of all things natural. We have fear of them for these are creatures beyond our control, yet we are drawn to them with a need to touch, to be in harmony and accepted by them. My use of the night, the fact that most of my images are in darkness, is because this is the time for dreams, the time when all things are possible; the child’s moon. To return or unite the viewer with some of these feelings, is my goal.

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