Rashel Titus

Life Dates:
b. 1987
Artist Biography:
"The World had great mountains and long winding rivers, huge oceans and massive continents. In this land magic still existed and many strange and fantastical creatures roamed. In this far off world Man was not as advanced as us. He had neither machines nor electricity and used beasts of burden to transport himself to and fro. But in this land the Gods often visited and would come down from the heavens or up from the underworld to express their influence upon the people. Stars were not just burning rocks in the sky, instead they were the many contented souls of loved ones who had gone on to the Other Realm. The wind blew not because of weather patterns and pressure systems, but because the Spirits of the wind were out and about..." Mythology fascinates me and sends my mind on a wild and imaginative ride. Such fantastical creations and elaborate stories were birthed by the minds of civilizations long ago. Even though some are older than written history, they mystify, enlighten, and entertain to this day. The true state of limitless creativity is when one can create the defining elements of the world around us. We possess such creative capacities as children. We create friends to keep us company, entire worlds to escape into and even our own secret languages. But for some reason, as we grow up, such wild imagination is considered adolescent and is discarded. Those of us who cling to this magical gift are thought of as rather strange individuals. To be a dreamer is of no practical use in the professional world, but to an artist or writer, imagination is bliss. It is those who retain the ability to create worlds that go on to make the very things that entertain us most. They create movies of fictional lives, action packed games, and books of fantastical and far out worlds. The very gift that was discouraged in adolescence becomes the escape from reality for the masses of the world. I feel liberated when I am drawing or painting something that doesn't exist. The mind, the imagination, and the hand are all connected in one flowing river of inspiration. There are no constraints from reality on the creation of something that never existed, you can make it however you want, six-legged or gravity defying. One illustration can tell the story of an entire world, or the story of an entire world can spawn from a single image. It is like being a fiction writer but with a pen and paintbrush instead of words. With my work I try to make the unbelievable believable, creating images that highlight specific beings or environments, and allow viewers to step into a world far from our own.