Timothy Norris

Artist Biography:
Don't you think it's right to rake up the past? How can we get at it unless we dig a little? The present has such a rough way of treading it down," writes Henry James in "The Aspern Papers". "All of my work alludes to and is inspired by history. This particular piece came about after conducting research for my art history classes (I teach at Muskegon Community College) on tribal art and culture. I was reading a book on the origins of ancient Celtic art traditions [and] reference was made to the Tumulus and Urnfield cultures, two pre-Celtic societies of which little is known beyond their distinctive burial practices. In time, I hit upon the idea of the figure/ground reversal of the dominant conical shapes and that locked the composition. I then developed the textures and techniques to reinforce the feeling of great age, time's passage, etc." -Timothy Norris

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