Walter Fisher

Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: These sculptures are inspired by birth and rebirth experiences. Their spirit comes from the hearts of children. They are dedicated to family, to motherhood and to fatherhood. These sculptures are for the survivors. They offer hope, no matter what the conditions of our planet. All this work was done in the Age of Plastic, in a time when madmen and madwomen ruled the earth. But don't listen to my words,” cautions Walter Fisher. “Everything I have to say is in my work.” In creating his sculpture, Fisher relies more on instinct than intellect, striving for universal, non-verbal communication. “I want my forms and colors to be understood as readily in the jungle as they would be in a museum.” Educated as a historian, this one-time high school dropout gave up a career as a college professor to sculpt. Self-taught, Fisher often chooses trees which, even though held back by barbed wire fences and ravaged by the elements, have survived. In his hands, they become symbols of humanity's transcendence over adversity. Evoking the posture of the modern woman, his female forms (often carved in cocobolo, a vibrant exotic wood) are fertile and voluptuous, yet strong and assertive.