Hyang Lim Han

Life Dates:
b. 1956
Artist Biography:
The influence for Han, Hyang Lim's work comes from Korea's natural landscape and climate. Korea is a peninsula with many mountain ranges. 70% of its land consists of mountains. The work reflects on this natural condition of Korea. Together with this, winter and spring have been depicted. The compositions consist of mountains and snow. One piece is about winter nights and another is about winter days. There is also a piecce that depicts mountaintops covered in snow and valleys below showing off a few early spring blossoms. All of the works account for the long winter season of Korea. For the making large and small slabs of clay are assembled together. The surface is decorated with white slip. The work is fired in two different methods. Depending on the effect, they are at times high-fired and also raku fired. In the raku firing, the smoke creates an interesting effect. From the mountaintops to snow covered plains, the spectator is able to catch a glimpse of the natural environment of Korea through Han, Hyang Lim's ceramic pieces. Here on is able to imagine the winter season of Korea.

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