Josh Brown

individual, ENTITY.2815
Life Dates:
b. 1978
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2007
Artist Biography:
Josh Brown received his Bachelor of Art in Photography from Grand Valley State University. Artist Statement: "My Mom established three rules for my first camera, the Fisher-Price 110 Instamatic: '1. Photograph people. Film and developing are expensive. People are the only worthy subjects. 2. Photograph outdoors or indoors with the Flipflash. Dark pictures are a waste of money. 3. Stand back and hold still. Blurry pictures, headless pictures, pictures that don't show the whole thing are a waste of money.' I wanted to capture the dramatic moment the arrow of light invaded the green shag in the afternoon. But it was a waste of money. I dialed my new digital camera to the settings of the Instamatic X-15 126 (my mother's camera). I sat in the dark with a single orange bulb, snapping frame after frame. I broke all the rules. For free." -Josh Brown

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