Jennifer Holshoe

individual, ENTITY.2808
Life Dates:
b. 1978
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2007
Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: "All of these families are, or have recently been homeless. Children and single mothers are the fastest growing sub-population of homeless. In Kent County Women and Children comprise 65% of those who are homeless and in shelters. There are 3 homeless shelters in Grand Rapids that serve families. These shelters are always full, and must turn away many families every day. Family homelessness is a problem that is not visible to most of us, mainly because if a family is found to be homeless it is reason for Child Protective Services to remove the children from the parents care. In order to keep this from happening parents must keep the children out of sight, usually by sending them to stay with relatives until a home can be afforded. 50% of Homeless families became homeless due to housing issues such as Eviction, Foreclosure, Substandard Housing, or utility shutoff. 30% of Family homelessness is due to job loss or underemployment, and 19% is a result of a chronic illness or disability in the family. The lack of affordable housing in our area is one of the biggest roadblocks to ending Family Homelessness. A person would have to work at minimum wage for 105 hours per week to be able to afford two-bedroom apartment at Fair Marked Rent in Kent County. These portraits are part of a lager documentary project exploring the problem of Family Homelessness in Grand Rapids." -Jennifer Holshoe