Mary J. Rea

Life Dates:
b. 1983
Artist Biography:
"A Trashy Perspective" "The photograph is something, in its highest form that I am given for my effort. It is not something that I take. And then after I bring it back, develop it, print it, look at it, experience it again, I submit my experience to life. I give back to the world it came from."- Shelia Metzner Do we really hold the landscape in such high regard? Many of us are willing to invest large amounts of money into owning portraits of nature, but then casually throw trash out of our car windows. So then do our actions toward natural beauty accurately reflect our true feelings? And why is trash so commonly accepted as a part of our beautiful landscape? I have yet to discover the answers to my questions, but let my trashy perspectives guide our actions and eyes back to the natural beauty.

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