Jean Caillou

individual, ENTITY.3438
Life Dates:
1859 – 1923
Swiss French
Artist Biography:
Jean Caillou was a pseudonym for French humorist painter Théophile Alexandre Steinlen. He was born in Lausanne, France on November 10th, 1859. He went to Paris at the age of 19 to live and devote himself to drawing professionally. Around 1880 he settled in Montmartre, the center of the art community. He became one of the regular contributors to the journal Le Chat Noir, and soon began to draw for most of the humorist’s journals. Along with Le Chat Noir, he worked on Gil-Blas, Mirliton, Chambard, Rire, and L’Assiette au Beurre. In 1911 he became one of 13 founding journalists of Les Humouristes. He depicted all manner of Parisian society in his drawings and illustrations, with a particular emphasis on the life of the working class.

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