Fred Tjakamarra

Life Dates:
b. 1926
Artist Biography:
Fred was born into a traditional lifestyle in the Warlpiri country that straddles the Northern Territory and Western Australian border. His first experience of white men was when he saw them droving cattle using camels, travelling through to Alice Springs. When he was young, he and his companions were herded onto a truck to be taken forcibly to an Aboriginal settlement in Alice Springs. He was able to escape with two companions when the truck made its stop for water. Fred has painted some of his country which is south east of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. The country depicted here is known as Ngaro Ngaro, giving its name to some tali, or sand dune country, which holds a variety of soakwaters, or tjurrnu. Some of the tjurrnu shown here are Ngankarl, Kurra, Tjimari, Ngaro Ngaro, Lirapunta, Nokarpunta, and Murrilpatj. The enclosed shapes depict the parmarr, or rocky hills of the area.

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