Todd Parker

Life Dates:
b. 1966
Artist Biography:
As a photographer I'm constantly inspired by the challenge of uncovering moments of sublime beauty. Whether photographing people or landscapes, the same approach applies. You must place yourself in the moment, be patient, and have faith that something magical will unfold. How elusive such moments are when we're anxious! but by learning to stand still we give the elements room to breath and come to life. Suddenly the storm clouds lift. A fiddler reaches crescendo. A child's face beams with an all-knowing smile. You cannot possibly respond to such fleeting moments. They must be anticipated, almost willed into being. More and more, I'm convinced that a peaceful mind actually plays a hand in creating moments of beauty. Visually I'm atracted to spaces between light and shadow. I love the unpredictable effect of shooting into the sun. If there's a unifying theme to my work, it falls into the realm of inspired connections with the environment. My work is fueled by a profound sense of reverence for the natural world and commitment to its conservation. The peaceful coexistence between humans and nature, however utopian, is a subject I find tremendously compelling. The same can be said for authentic expressions of human culture, in a world all too quickly becoming homogeneous. Photography underscores the importance of conservation by highlighting what stands to be lost. In the evolution of my photography, I am humbled by how little I actually know. I've learned that photography requires a perennial sense of playfulness, finding that childlike fascination for the magic contained within. Occasionally I'm discouraged by how elusive the perfect moment can be. Some moments are even tarnished in the camera's presence. When so confronted, I've learned to simply put away the camera and re-acquaint myself with spontaneous expressions of beauty. A photographer's life should never amount to a trophy hunt. Some moments are best registered by the mind and soul.

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