Shilin Hora

individual, ENTITY.2265
Life Dates:
b. 1976
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2001
Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: "I use the natural world of plants, animals and landscapes as a means to investigate the relationship that exists between nature, me and other humans. I choose printmaking and drawing as venues of bringing a sensitive awareness to myself and my community about our natural world. Through abstraction and rendering, via line and color I try to communicate the connection I have with the land and animals in a way that will be seen as both curious and playful. My goal as an artist is to create imagery which reawakens the observer’s interest in nature and encourages rapprochement and exploration in the natural world. I draw and print images objects that I have found and collected in nature. I enjoy focusing on the physical beauty and arrangements of the natural world. But I acknowledge abstraction as it introduces freedom to explore and capture the detail and impression of the objects I study. In my work I try to create an environment for the flowing shapes and lines that surface organically, constructing levels of texture and color when the specific identities of the objects are not apparent. Through my observing and studying of our natural world (seeds, small animals and landscapes) I feel I can discover a 'true' line, the 'true' color and forms within the objects. My task at the drawing table is to pursue a relationship with, build an image about and tell the story of the delicate relationship I discover with our natural world." -Shilin Hora