Carol Cousineau

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Artist Statement: "My oil pastels are depictions of the beauty that surrounds me. A majority are inspired by scenes in West Michigan. I love color. It helps me to express my understanding of the world in which I live. I look at reflections, shadows and contrasts created by light. I'm interested in shapes, and patterns and using these elements to create a strong composition. My message is simple. It doesn't take the grand Canyon or the Rockies to demonstrate beauty. It can be found in a quiet stream, a local field, or a simple cottage." Carol Cousineau is a Hope College English graduate who earned her master's of education degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She also has a minor in art. Cousineau was first introduced to oil pastels during a workshop with Grand Rapids- area artist Stephen Duren. "Immediately, I was smitten with them, I loved the intensity of color and I really like holding the pastel stick in my hand..." - Carol Cousineau