Anthony W. Thompson

individual, ENTITY.2259
Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: "The artworks presented here are selections from two bodies of work in both traditional and non-traditional media. A variety of that is a meditation on the uses of symbolic language systems in defining ourselves and our experiences on the world through the ordering functions of taxonomy and classification. Particular interest is addressed to the margins and boundaries where the simultaneous layering of conceptual systems are in constant transformation and evolution. The mixed media works attempt material meta-discussions on the nature and function of symbolic language systems themselves as they evolve through time. The collapsed quality of the spatial and temporal elements requires a kind of visual excavation of the works as condensed, layered, and stratified artifacts. The silver gelatin prints represent an uneditioned portfolio entitled 'Boundaries: Portrait of an Original 40-Acre Homestead along the Rock River, Jefferson County, Wisconsin' which explores the boundaries, edges, margins, and transitions, both material and psychological. These are meditations on the singularities within dualistic notions conscious vs. subconscious, light vs. dark, analytic vs. synthetic, and cultivated vs. wild." -Anthony W. Thompson A native to colorado, A.W. Thompson has lived and worked in Rome, Italy as a freelance photographer in several Midwestern studios. His photographs and artwork have been included in numerous public collections including the Midwest Photographer's Project Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, and have been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. Thompson's artwork is often about the meanings we attribute to, or derive from, our experiences of place and/or technology, and the relationship of art and science as ways of knowing.