Kimberly Hindman

individual, ENTITY.2741
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 1999
Artist Biography:
Prints, Drawing Artist Statement: “The intent of my work is to depict the complexities of the human condition through body distortion, space, gesture, and line. Within the human condition there are emotions that are expressed both internally as well as physically. My work embraces the notion of the body as a vehicle for expressing these feelings. Distortion is essential in the way it puts a familiar form in a very different, more emotional context. I strive for a sense of tragic beauty. The space created by the figure becomes its own entity within the work. The figure can be static within this space or dynamic; the space affecting the gesture. The idea of time relating to the form is integral as well. It can be seen in both the repetition of image and/or in diptychs where it becomes a series of time-based moments”

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