Akiko Hara

Japanese American
Artist Biography:
Attended GVSU 1991 Metalsmith her agent in GR is: Ami Sakakibara 5501 Stowehill SE Kentwood MI 49509 Akiko was born in Japan and studied graphic design in Tokyo. During her first visit to the United States (1976-80) she became aware of folk art paintings on furniture. She studied this technique and eventually taught it to Japanese companies. She also published a book of her own folk art. She returned to Grand Rapids in 1988. After viewing an exhibition of soft sculpture wall pieces at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, she began making dolls. Her unique, hand-crafted dolls are often constructed of found objects. Akiko Hara traveled to America during the late 1970's and was studying graphic design in Japan. When she came back to America for a second time, she began making dolls after being inspired from an exhibition of small art. She taught art techniques to Japanese companies.

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