Margaret Vega

Life Dates:
b. 1955
Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: "The conception for art takes place in dialectic order- there is not true flight out of our own time. I recognize that no form I see, no dream or fantasy I envision, is beyond the dialogue of all human beings. The human form is a tantalizing and complex image that has challenged haunted and eluded me. Its evocative power and social implications have again been the touchstone of my recent work. The nakedness of the human form blurs time and individuals into ambiguity… one woman is all women, one child is all children. When presented with an image of ourselves, we are forced to examine our frailness and vulnerabilities, our inhibitions, our beauty, our death, and the curious shadows of our life. Surface writing and scratches are a part of my work. I am fascinated with the explicitness of children’s marks, urban graffiti and crude inscriptions. Labeling and identifying ownership. These marks remind me of the need we have to be remembered and to leave behind a sign of our evanescent state of existence. The landscape continues to be a part of my work and is often juxtaposed with the figure, representing time and place. I am drawn to record the agricultural divisions and harmony of the Ubrian regions of Italy where I have painted during the summers. The central focus of my current paintings and monotypes involves the awkwardness and complexity of ‘adolescence’ with its rituals and relationships. In examining this unwieldy passing from childhood to maturity, from safety to uncertainty, it appears that life is disinterested in designating this experience to specific increments of time. My creative unconscious is entered through fragments of conscious awareness and observation. These new images are an effort to bring nearer human experiences by re-affirming subtle conceptions of reality and rearranging the questions." -Margaret Vega