Susanna Linburg

Artist Biography:
Susanna Linburg received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She is a professor of fine arts at the Center for Creative Studies, College of Art in Design in Detroit, Michigan. Artist Statement: "The major theme of 'Arch VII: Valley' is vitality and order in balance. It is a poignant metaphor for ongoing life in the modern world. In this sense the sculpture is appropriate for Grand Valley State University where it would be seen as an entry and exit to a place in which dynamic learning occurs, and where the ongoing flux of life is in an ever-changing tide. The arch itself suggests passage of time, of season, of age from youth to maturity, passage from one generation to another, from one landscape to another. The arch implies a journey, a quest for discovery, for knowledge. There is dramatic tension between the stability of the supporting columns and the energy of the lintel forms, which explode, implode, cascade and erupt. This combination frames a deep and magnificent space. Clothed in silence, 'Arch VII: Valley' transcends time and celebrates the past, present, and future. Memory, dream and symbol join to suggest narrative content beyond the sculpture itself." -Susanna Linburg

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