James Karsina

Life Dates:
b. 1936
Artist Biography:
James Karsina’s lifelong dedication to art, music and literature built the foundation for his intuitive approach to painting.  Karsina says that “organic is the root of organization”, and the painting “process is one of organizing thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and the visual elements into a dynamic and communicable whole while at the same time not denying spontaneity and improvisation.” With more than 40 years of painting experience, James Karsina accomplishes the delicate balance of spontaneity and labored calculation, creating works that invite the viewer to experience an interpretation of the landscape rather than a realistic record of it.  As a master of water-based media, Karsina paints using vibrant color to create exciting and dynamic scenes with lyrical lines. Retired from more than 25 years of teaching at the collegiate level, James Karsina has exhibited extensively including a 30-year retrospective at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  His work is included in over 50 corporate collections and more than 400 private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.