Kimberly Angelwood

individual, ENTITY.2717
Life Dates:
b. 1967
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 1993
Artist Biography:
"Walt Whitman described his love for the water in his poem 'Song of Myself' when he wrote 'I am integral with you...' (in reference to the sea). My work deals with the relationships and temperaments between water and land and how they are similar to human relationships. Life's daily voyage includes both joy and pain. Throughout my work the beach represents a no man's land of compromise where atmosphere reflect the emotion linked to the particular experience being executed on canvas. The water is portrayed as saving grace while land is the adversary in life. Due to my residency at Sleeping Bear Dunes in September of 1997, I have been exploring the pathways to the water and their meaning. I see them as passageways to salvation, healing or rebirth within life's interactions. Since life and human relationships are not clearly secure, my paintings are not always spatially absolute in their perspective. Shapes describe depth but color defines it. The land, beach, and water are executed as separate entities in the scheme of my metaphors. Spatial tension is used to emphasize human characteristics and the push and pull of those involved. Layers of color and texture reflect the complexity of humans. Conversation of our water and waterfronts is a priority in my message to people when speaking about my work. I try to help them look at the lake shore with a new perspective and realize the beauty that is to be preserved and handed down to our children. My intentions are to create in others my love affair with the water." -Kimberly Angelwood