[500051994] Weidenaar, Reynold Henry (Persons, Artists) - American painter, etcher, and illustrator, 1915-1985

Life Dates:
1915 – 1985
Wikipedia Summary:

Reynold H. Weidenaar (1915-1985) was an artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, recognized nationally as well as locally for his technical virtuosity as a draftsman and printmaker. He embraced the subject matter and realism of American Regionalist art, though his depictions of the American Scene reflect a uniquely personal, often satirical perspective. Weidenaar is especially known for his mezzotint prints, particularly those of architectural subjects, such as the construction of the Mackinac Bridge.

Artist Biography:
Reynold Weidenaar was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1940s and partook in the revival of mezzotint printmaking in the United States. He spent considerable time experimenting not only with techniques but also in designing and hand-making the tools he used to create his prints. Due in large part to many scholarships, fellowships and grants, Weidenaar had plenty of opportunity to travel, spending a considerable amount of time in Mexico where he created some of his most important prints.