Milena Tlusta

Life Dates:
b. 1945
Artist Biography:
Milena Tlusta grew up in the Czech Republic. In 1968 came to she Netherlands where first went to study Art history. She continued her education at the Academy for Fine arts in Arnhem. Since 1988 she regularly exhibits drawings, etchings and pictures. In 1988 Milena was invited to make a wall-painting in Calvi del Umbria, Italy. Her work has a distinctively figurative feel; where in the forms are not what they seem. The actuality appears here in an unexpected other form. Her works carry titles such as "A slide acted" and "What you do not have' in the hand' and to this particularly concrete data she applies a more abstract, poetic vision. The physical representation is replaced gradually with emotionally loaded recognition. The compositions are fragile and open. An outrageous use of color bonds closely with the sentimental writing of Milena Tlusta to give her work an exciting, jumpy property.