Sheila Grant

individual, ENTITY.3234
Artist Biography:
"My process as an artist is deeply personal. It explores my inner, wordless dialogue and feelings, and uses the canvas as a visual record of that process. The creative process serves as a vehicle for reflection and transformation, allowing what is within to flow outside and onto the canvas. My medium of choice has changed over time but a consistent theme in all my work is emotional expression, energy and the exploration of mood through color. I am drawn to abstraction in my painting because it omits form and representation, thereby removing our tendency to categorize. Color, texture, and movement take over as the avenue of expression. The Cosmic Psyche is the title of my most recent body of work. I use techniques of layered color blocking, fluid paint methods, and controlled textured mediums to engender vibrancy and a sense of viscosity to the work. The rhythm within my paintings interprets the struggle we have in recognizing harmony within disharmonious events of our inward experience. This visual play of complexities and multiple dimensions projects a view of the cosmos within and between us, in proximity and afar. My hope is when you engage with my art that your own unique inner self will be recognized, and at the same moment, be reminded of universal inner experience." -Sheila Grant